The Team

Antwone Barnes

Antwone Barnes is an LA-based actor and writer specializing in Thrillers. He’s acted in a leading role for the feature film "Et Tu" alongside actors Lou Diamond Phillips and Malcom McDowell, owns and operates a candle manufacturing business, is an accomplished musician, and was awarded “Best Actor” at Diversity In Cannes Short Film Showcase. Apart from his creative endeavors, he can be found spending time somewhere between his local coffee shop and movie theatre while obsessing over the latest in film nerd-culture.


Kip Henderson

Kip Henderson is a 5’2” jack-of-all-trades artist. He’s published his 
own webcomic, written and illustrated a graphic novel for internet-star Zach King, co-created a card game, published his own children’s book, and has started work directing a video game. Unfortunately, if you filled a book with all of Henderson’s accomplishments and stood him on top of it, he still couldn’t see the top shelf. Never one to let his disability get to him, Henderson always reaches for the stars, despite having elbows that don’t extend. Henderson considers himself just as handsome and witty as he is humble.

Kip's Artwork Site